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Photo booth to Rent.

We have a photo booth to rent for your clients in any venue or function room.

If you are the event manager or coordinator for any venue across the ACT and surrounding regions we would love to hear from you.

When arranging any event in the future, we would love to work with you and offer our services to your clients as as a potential attraction at the function.

Picme photo booths feature highly on a many venues approved and preferred photo booth suppliers list.

We have a growing number of venues we collaborate with on a regular basis for the events they coordinate on behalf of their clients.

This is something we are continuing to develop and would love to expend our connections by working with you in the future.

You can see the reviews we have from some of those venues in the following link:,148.4805484,9z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x15bb875cae0f56f:0xdfd885cc5b86a2c4!8m2!3d-35.34437!4d149.0409949


Rent a photo booth at any event or venue.

Our photo booths are tried and tested, we know from experience that they fit in any venue, anywhere, anytime. This makes renting a photo booth stress free knowing you wont have to overcome any problems on the big day.

View our photo booths details here:

To find out any more information, please just pick up the phone to speak with our team, or email through our contact page here:




Photo booth rental

Corporate Benefits

Photo booth rental.

A Photo booth rental is a great social interaction between your brand and the consumer.

The photo’s taken are personal to each client mainly because it contains an image of themselves with a friend or family member.

This emotionally attaches the client to your brand on a personal level, both consciously and subconsciously.

A photo booth rental can actually be a very powerful emotional activity when engaging with you clients.


Photo booth rental for Marketing and Advertising.

There are a million different ways to customize the photo booths when hiring them at your function.

Below are a few examples of how renting a photo booth can create a positive experience for your clients:

  • Add a company logo or website link to the printed photos.
  • Decorate the exterior of the photo booth with your company branding.
  • Promote specific products or unveil a new product to your target audience, by using the green screen technology.
  • Use the images taken for marketing purposes on social media platforms.
  • Socially engage with your future “target market” whilst giving them a take away photograph to reinforce positive memories with your brand.
  • Use our booth technology to capture emails and phone numbers, all approved with the clients permission by using our onscreen disclaimer.


Constant Marketing with our photo booth rental.

In 10 years of experience, everyone usually takes the photo keepsake home.

Often years later people look back at these images for a laugh and guess what?

Your company logo or branding is featured all over the images. This works as free future marketing. We are not making this up either!

An example we have had on numerous occasions is when a previous client call us (sometimes even years later) to book a photo booth. Guess what?

The photos reminded them of our website! This is because our website was printed on the photo’s which were kept on the desk or fridge acting as a constant reminder.

Free marketing strikes again!

Photo booth rental Photo booth rental


Call Picme photo booths to discuss the corporate plans for you.