Wedding Photo booth "classic"


Wedding Photo booth Classic

Wedding photo booth’s are our premium packages.

Our wedding photo booth classic is the most innovative, practical and fun photo booth in the Canberra / ACT region. They can comfortably hold 4 – 6 people unlike other conventional sit down photo booth and produce studio quality images by using a DSLR camera and studio LED lighting.

Classic Wedding Photo booth Package Inclusions

  • Unlimited photos printed for the duration of your event.
  • Copies of all photos will be provided digitally.
  • A great range of fun props to spice up your photo’s.
  • Custom photo strip design exclusive to your event, designed by our Graphic Designer.
  • Free set up and pack up.

The dimensions of the Classic photo booth are 2 meters high x 2 meters length x 1.2 meters width. The Classic photo booth is very easy to transport to and from the event due to its unique trolley design. There is not a single event we couldn’t get this photo booth into yet!

All we require at any event is that you can situate the photo booth close to a power point when planning the event layout.


Book the Classic Photo booth now, its not just for weddings, its for every event:


Classic Photo booth Green screen.

Picme Photo booth’s can also provide you with a Green screen background when using this Classic photo booth at your next event.

The green screen allows you to super impose an image of your choice onto the backdrop of anyone using the photo booth, this then appears on the photo strips when printed.

We have had all sorts of different uses for our green screen technology from a company using it at the event to take their clients on a trip around the world using different landmarks and countries as the backdrop.

Further uses of the green screen technology have been media and promo wall’s. Ask our team for more information.




  • 3 hours: $895
  • 4 hours: $995
  • 5 hours: $1095
Events Photo booth


Events Photo booth

This is a revolutionary photo booth with more capabilities than ever.

The Events photo booth set up allows for many people to be able to fit into the photo (6 – 8 comfortably). This photo booth uses a high quality DSLR to ensure sharp images. It is flexible enough to provide the platform for any backdrop to be implemented. We also have green screen and curtain options available too. We can also detached and shortened this booth to cater for children!

Event Photo booth Package Inclusions

  • High quality open photo booth with DSLR camera for the highest quality images.
  • Unlimited colour photos for the duration of your event.
  • Custom designed photo strips exclusive to your event.
  • Copies of all photos will be provided digitally.
  • A range of fun props to create some awesome pictures with.
  • Free set up and pack up.


Event Photo booth at Children’s Birthday Parties.

Why not use our amazing photo booth at your party? We can adjust the overall height of this photo booth to cater for children of younger ages, this way they can be involved with all the fun and you get to keep all the memories of their birthdays.

Through our experience the photo booth has this “Hocus Pocus” effect and actually keeps them still for 5 minutes, we still dont know how it does it, but it just works.

This is your moment to capture these shakers and movers on camera for family portraits and fun snaps. Be quick before they are off again.

Send us your questions for anything related to our photo booth range to see which might work the best at your event. Our friendly team are on standby to support your inquiry and hopefully give you some useful tips on how to extract the best photo booth experience at your event.

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  • 3 hours: $695
  • 4 hours: $795
  • 5 hours: $895
Party Photo booth


Party Photo booth

The Inflatable photo booth is the largest in the Canberra and ACT region.

The “Air” photo booth is the first and only inflatable photo booth enclosure of its kind in the Canberra / ACT region. This party photo booth is an attraction in itself and is sure to add even more excitement to your event.

Party Photo booth Package Inclusions

  • Wide set-up allows for lots of people to fit in the photo (7 – 10 people comfortably).
  • High quality DSLR ensures sharp images are captured.
  • Interior Velcro tabs allowing for any background to be implemented or fairy lighting added.
  • Green screen add-ons available.
  • Social media integration.
  • Unlimited printed photo strips.
  • Custom designed photo strips exclusive to the occasion.
  • Exciting props for those crazy snaps.

Please Note: Dimensions of the party photo booth are 2.5 meters x 2.5 meters x 2.5 meters so you will need to ensure that you have sufficient space at your venue before you go ahead with this hire.

Picme staff members are on standby to answer all of your requests and questions surrounding the hire of a photo booth at your party. Please contact our team through the following link.


Party Photo booth for big events.

Got a large family? Have lots of friends? The party photo booth is perfect for your next party event.

Not only will this inflatable photo booth fit all of your friends into one shot, it will also become a great attraction at your event. Because of its unmissable presence and character your guest’s curiosity will 100% lure them into having the best time.


Should you wish to book any of the above photo booth’s with us, we are available every day and will respond to your inquiry in a timely manor. We have become Canberra’s most trusted photo booth hiring company with nearly 10 years experience. Please book your next occasion with us here:


  • 3 hours: $995
  • 4 hours: $1095
  • 5 hours: $1195