Special offers


Beat the Competition

Picme Photobooths are happy to offer any new client the opportunity to save money on a booking with us by presenting a quote they currently have from any of our competitors and allowing us to beat the price.

All you have to do is head to our contact us page and present the details of the offer / quote. We will then get to work and save you some money when you book with us.


Midweek Special

Midweek Special

Picme Photobooths have created a special offer for anyone who decides to make a booking midweek.

If your event falls on any day between Monday and Thursday we will automatically give you an instant discount of 20% from that booking when you quote the Voucher  Code: MIDWEEK302017.

Remember we will help Any Event, Any Time, Any place. Just call us to find out more 0402225190.


Charity Event Support

Picme Photobooths are proud to support every Charity organisation in Canberra with a Photobooth for their occasion.

We can donate the photobooths for auctions to help with fundraising at events and also offer cost prices for use at the event too. Add that to a gold coin donation to use the photobooth and you will see some handsome returns to put into the fundraising pot. Please get in contact for a more in depth discussion.